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Beauty is not in the face

Beauty is the light of the heart

Collages and Blends of all Actors and Actresses
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Welcome to actor_collages!


This community is a place to share any of your graphics; collages, blends, icons, Friends Only Banners, etc! I personally love making collages//blends of actors and actresses, and that's how this community was born. So if you like actors, actresses, and graphics, and would like to share, this is the place!

Of course, with all communities comes rules, so here they are!


1)Be nice! No bashing others. And when someone puts their work up, use good, constructive criticism. No one likes to hear that their work "sucks up the ass and that they should never make collages again!" ♥

2)If borrowing//using other's works, please credit, and please let them know if you are taking it. Do not take credit for something you didn't do. We all work hard on these pieces of art, and we want people to know who the owner is! ♥

3)When you join, introduce yourself first. You don't have to do it right away, but sometime would be nice. We're all friends here, so we should all get to know one another. Tell us about yourself, what your likes and dislikes are, what are your hobbies...and all that good stuff. ♥

4)When submitting work, please use the form as follows, and put ALL WORK BEHIND LJ CUTS! If you have icons, you can use 1 or 2 as teasers, but the rest go behind cuts! We don't want to throw off Friends Pages and make people angry.

The Form

--By: (Your Name Here)
--Title: (If you have a title for your work, put it here)
--Model: (State who you used for your collage, icon, FO Banners, etc)
--Credit: (Put your credit info here [how you want to be credited])