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A sincere apology

Hey everyone, mod speaking.

I'd just like to say that I am so extremely sorry for abandoning this community! *tear* As of now, I will be making a point to update as much as I can, and I ask all of you who have joined to promote as much as you can. If any of you would like to, you could make a new banner to promote, or use the one I made in the userinfo.

Also, my computer crashed a month or so ago, and I have not been able to relocate my photoshop disk ANYWHERE, and I'm asking for a new one for christmas. Which means collages and icons and such from me are pretty much minute. I'll search for any that I have made previously and post them.

Thank you all so much for joining this [small] community! It means so much to me that you are all interested, and I hope that the community will become a little bigger so that we can start getting daily posts instead of monthly.

My love to you all...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
♥ Susan ♥
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