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--By: Susan
--Title: None
--Model: Anne Hathaway
--Credit: mykiss_ofdeath

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that is absolutely gorgeous! i'm going to use it for my background, and give you credit in my userinfo. thanks so much! :)
no problem! glad you like it!


August 30 2004, 07:58:02 UTC 12 years ago

I absolutely love that header, and I was wondering if I could use it for a Harry Potter rpg over on greatest journal?

I'd credit...but I need it to say 'Hermione Jane Granger' instead of Anne Hathaway...and in the middle under what you already wrote, could you write the "Hermione Jane Granger" there instead?

If you can...that would be amazing and I'd love you forever.
Of course... you want me to take off the little "beauty..." poem thing in the middle? And replace that with Hermione Jane Granger?

I'd be happy to do it. ♥

Is this okay? I couldn't the get poem out of the middle without it looking really bad, so I'm sorry. If you want my name taken off there too, then I'll do it.

If there is anything else that you need I'll be glad to help. ♥
Oh yeah...and if you could host the picture yourself. That would be great. If you don't already, get a account [it's free] and it'll host the image for you.

Thanks. ♥
OMG you seriously rock! (I use this sn for rpg purposes too)

The banner looks amazing! I have it right now as a background image, and I'm trying to get it to be the header...any suggestions?

You honestly are SO awesome!

(I have an account on photobucket !)

Thanks a million!
Oh wow! **blushes** Thanks so much! I feel so special now...thank you!

It took me forever to figure out layout strucker, and I never got the hang of headers for layouts. Sorry sweetie...I seem to have an inability to make header layouts. ♥♥♥

And I love your icon btw. Very very cool. :0)
i shall use; its wonderful; i will be checkin back for more of your work; will credit; and is it ok to use your wonderful ryan icon?
Thank you! Sorry I haven't replied right away, I was grounded. :(

Anyway...yes! It's okay to use my ryan icon, but the credit doesn't go to me. Check my userinfo for who made it, I'm really lazy right now. ;)